My grandfather was a really accomplished photographer. My sister has been digitizing his old slides, and they're just super gorgeous. My grandparents were total babes, too.


New Matchess Video on AdHoc

CUFF Buttons

Buttons for the Chicago Underground Film Fest came out lookin pretty cute.



The MINES music video played at CIMMFEST last night!
I wish I could've been there!


Jillian is out!

I illustrated the cover of Halle Butler's debut book, which is out now. The cover has this really good soft matte rubbery feel, and if you buy a copy on Amazon you can feel it, too!


Chicago Underground Film Fest Poster

I made a poster for the 22nd Chicago Underground Film Festival! You can see it here or on their website all year.


New Music Video Soon

Wandering around in Lawrence, Kansas I found a magnifying viewfinder for 35mm slides at such an incredible antique market.  I used it to make my most recent music video for Tompkins Square Records, along with the 500 35mm slides I bought and borrowed from friends. This amazing "feeding tube" slide didn't make the cut, nor did my glittery thumbnail. I can post the video when it premiers soon!


The Thons on Public House Sound Recordings

Public House Sounds is an amazing little recording space in Chicago. And pretty often they release singles by local bands on their webpage. I drew a green handy guy to accompany The Thons' release.

Later, Graham from The Thons took this screenshot of my green hand guy hanging out with the Beatles on WXRT's homepage:


Northeast China

In July I traveled to China. I was lucky to be invited on a northeast tour with Noise Arcade and GuiGuiXuiXui, two incredible performers. The film I expected to help shoot was a bust, but escaping to wander aimless in a foreign place was its own gift. For about a week I did nothing but ride trains around Shanghai and follow strangers around.


Earring on Public House Sound Recordings

My friends' band Earring released some songs as part of the Public House Digital Single Series! I drew this picture to accompany the post. They are such, such good songs: Public House Sound Recordings


Live Drawing at CAKE

CAKE is an odd acronym for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. I made this flyer for Cake Frame, which is a fundraising event for CAKE, and it is happening on April 20th. At some point in the night I will get up on stage and do some live drawing, whatever that entails. Cool!


Roger at Sundance!

Working with Kartemquin Films and designer Dizzy Giant, I animated graphics for Life Itself, a documentary based on Roger Ebert's memoir. It premiered at Sundance this month, and it is a fantastic film that got some nice praise. Kartemquin has amassed a list of reviews from the likes of Variety, the LA Times, and the Chicago Tribune here.


Reader B-Side

A little frame from my music video for 'Hyperovercritical' by MINES showed up on the B-Side of the Reader recently.


The West Wind Premier on Fader

My music video for The West Wind by Ryley Walker premiered on Fader today.
Gonna miss Roxaboxen, the funeral home where we shot it, which was passed on to new tenants just after.
You can read the FADER blurb here.



Lick Your Eye on a Hill

This is a guy on a horse-person named Debbie, he's here to tell you that I make a lot of fliers.
Gonna be a really good show!


Getting Off the Horse

Waiting for some film to get processed these next few weeks, and until I get it back there is nothin to do but sleep and plan out the things I've wanted to do while I was busy doin something else. Like an animation about outer space! I drew my friend Emme at the beach.