Goodbye, Darlin'

Well, the film I've been trying to start since I graduated is underway. That's actually pretty embarrassing- I guess I should say I intended to take time to think the thing through before writing it, because normally I rush into animating. But it's also strange not being a student anymore, and in a lot of ways it has slowed me down to put so much pressure on a film so soon out of school. But, with help from my WCON (that's technical jargon for Writing Crew of Only Nicks), I've got a few drafts to throw around. Nick Jackson in Virginia and Nick Barlow in San Francisco are two polar opposite, scary talented writers who have never met, and their powers combined I hope they'll pull my metaphorical head out of my metaphorical ass.

Before recently, Little Ann recordings were hard to find; before 2009 they were never released as more than singles, and from the 60's to 1990 they lived in a basement. But now!
If Little Ann's pleading and crying doesn't break your heart i don't know what will. Best of all is that surprise ending- she gets what she asked for but not what she wanted- she cries when Tarheel says he'll kill her if she runs, and he says 'goodbye, darlin' because he knows she can't help but try to run. Oooooooh my god.