Odd Finds

I can't resist a colored vinyl. When I found this one I had to know what The Joe Loco Quintet sounds like. Well... They sound like exotic cocktail parties your grandma went to in the early 60's, with her makeup and hair all like Elizabeth Taylor.
The Joe Loco Quintet - Bella Meracumbre

Look at this cover. It's beautiful.
This 45 from 1960 contains a promotional song for Jantzen bathing suits. But I'm sorry for this one, it is painful to listen to. The back says, "Garbo did it with a look. Dietrich with a leg. Monroe - all over. Jantzen does it with a come-hither smile. The sweet sort of insinuation that causes men to write poetry on the sand, have Walter Mitty daydreams on the train from Greenwich. It's the provocation that causes women to change the party conversation, and then go home and imitate."
Sucks the enthusiasm right out of your day. Well here you go.